On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 07:05:34AM -0500, Álvaro Begué wrote:
> If anyone knows of a program that can actually use something like expected
> score in the UCT move selection formula, that's probably what I need. I
> might end up modifying Pachi to do this, but it sounds daunting.

  That's already implemented - see the options described in uct/uct.c
under the heading "Node value result scaling".

  This even is one of the things that happens when you enable
maximize_score, but the score takes just (at most) 0.01 of the value,
where 0.99 is depending on win/loss.  You might try to see what happens
if, in addition to maximize_score, you also pass


(instead of the default 0.01) or even larger value.  Not sure what
effect on strength it might have.

                                Petr Baudis
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