I've released version 1.0 of michi-go.  The code is on Github at
https://github.com/ <https://github.com/traveller42/michi-go>traveller42/
michi-go <https://github.com/traveller42/michi-go>

This version plays about twice as fast as the Python code on PyPy, but only
has a winrate of 24% for an ELO difference of -200.

I'm not sure where the weakness is coming from, but I intend to investigate
the Random Number Generator, the RAVE calculation, and try to find any
logic errors introduced by the translation.

This version lines up fairly well with the original Python.  Like the
original, it is all in a single source file.  The command line options are
handled the same and all function.  Currently, I am using the same 1400
playouts as the Python code.

I will maintain the *version_1* branch as matching the structure of the
original Python.  If any issues are found in the original translation, I
will update that branch.

Version 2 will work to be more consistent with Go idiom.  I plan to add the
ability to play any size board (at least 9, 13, and 19), handle handicaps,
and provide the option to use positional superko.  I will also investigate
what changes are needed to match michi-py in strength.

Clark B. Wierda
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