Thanks for sharing the games, Rémi!

On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 6:27 AM Rémi Coulom <> wrote:

> In this game, Crazy Stone won using a typical Monte Carlo trick:
> On move 27, it sacrificed a stone. According to Crazy Stone, the game
> would have been a draw had Aya just re-captured it. But Aya took the bait
> and captured the other stone. Crazy Stone's evaluation became instantly
> winning after this, the sacrificed stone serving as a threat for the
> winning ko fight, 18 moves later.

Wow, I did not imagine how that move would be useful later! But the very
end is confusing to my human brain, couldn't White move 56 retake the ko
and win it? It seems like Black only has one real ko threat left (J4
maybe). But White also has one huge threat left (D3), so it seems like
White should win this ko and then be about 4 ahead with komi. Am I
missing something?

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