> I've noticed that on ConnMan 1.30, net.connman.Clock property Timezone
> isn't updating when /etc/localtime gets changed.
> I found this old message which sounds similar -- "[PATCH] timezone: Fix
> timezone can't auto update, file localtime permission issue":
> https://lists.connman.net/pipermail/connman/2011-July/005354.html
> In my target system, /etc/localtime is a symlink into the appropriate file
> under /usr/share/zoneinfo.

I've tried making /etc/localtime an ordinary file, rather than a symlink. But 
still ConnMan doesn't notice when it changes. Is Timezone update working for 

My target system is an ARM embedded system built with Yocto. I've verified that 
inotify is enabled in my system's kernel.

Craig McQueen

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