On Thu, 2015-10-15 at 11:28 +1100, Craig McQueen wrote:

> That doesn't sound right -- it looks as though there's code in
> timezone.c to watch the file for changes. __connman_timezone_init()
> sets up an inotify on /etc. When inotify triggers it calls
> inotify_data(). If the file that changed is localtime, then it calls
> __connman_clock_update_timezone().

I'm corrected, which means we can have this fixed with a decent amount
of effort, cool! Looking at other code IN_MODIFY | IN_MOVED_TO is
handled. Now some figuring out is needed to see whether /etc/localtime
is a symlink and if yes, what needs to be done to detect that the entity
it points to has changed. Or something even more simpler than that which
is just broken.



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