On Wed, 2015-09-23 at 11:20 +0200, Alexandre Chataignon wrote:
> This patch adds the possibility to enable a captive portal while connman 
> is in tethering mode by sending its own IP via the DNS proxy (which acts 
> as a DNS server more than a proxy in this case).
> I needed this usage for an IoT device, in which the tethering mode is in 
> fact a hotspot mode. With a light http server and patched connman, it 
> offers the possibility to have a light and easy-to-use captive portal 
> for example to diagnostic device.

A captive portal is easier to implement by setting a NAT rule that
redirects incoming connections to a desired port on the local x.x.x.1
tethering interface. Once the captive portal stuff is cleared out, the
redirecting NAT rule for that host can be modified not to capture
connections. It's much simpler than having to rewrite DNS replies from
ConnMan. Your patch enforces captive portal implementation for each and
every device all the time, for sure other use cases include letting
hosts through that have completed the steps enforced by the captive



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