On Mon, 2015-10-19 at 10:26 +0200, Alexandre Chataignon wrote:

> This solution was the first I implemented (no need to modify connman 
> source code).
> The problem is that in your case, DNS requests are answered by a remote 
> DNS server. However, as I said, the tethering mode here is in fact a « 
> hotspot » mode, i.e. we don't have internet connection on the other end.
> So your solution will work if we want to access device via any IP 
> address (for exemple but not via a DNS request (for 
> example http://device.config or even http://www.google.fr), which is 
> much more practical.

I was thinking of any connection going to e.g. port 80 would be forced
to the locally used x.x.x.1 address on the tether interface. Like an
automatic proxy solution. This can then be refined to work only for a
subset of hosts, by looking up e.g. www.google.fr and setting up a
transparent proxy/captive portal only for those. Besides, using would go through unnoticed, as it is already an IP
address :-). device.config is not a proper host name as it does not
exist and ConnMan should respond properly to DNS lookups...

That said, reading the contents of e.g. /run/connman/hosts and replying
with those to DNS requests sounds like a decent solution to me. But
still that would not capture



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