Hi Patrik,

Thank you for the time you spent on my patches.

2015-10-19 14:16 GMT+02:00 Patrik Flykt <patrik.fl...@linux.intel.com>:

>         Hi,
> On Fri, 2015-10-09 at 08:37 +0200, Mylene JOSSERAND wrote:
> > This is a first patch of a serie to implement a simultaneous APNs
> context activation.
> >
> > The current commit removes the previous implementation of one context
> per modem and
> > adds a list of contexts instead.
> As this patch is really quite long, it looks it would be possible to add
> GSList *context_list without removing struct network_context *context
> immediately. So the code would function as before, but the contexts are
> added/removed to/from the list. The next patch could then remove struct
> network_context *context and change the functionality to always use the
> list.

okay, I understand, I did not see this "kind" of patch splitting. I will do

> Instead of looking up the context with g_slist_nth_data and a
> context_id, can't the code simply pass around a struct network_context *
> all the time? For example in network_connect() the corresponding call
> would then look like 'context_set_active(modem, context, TRUE)'. It's
> much simpler that way and avoids iterating over the list twice. Right
> now it is not immediately clear what a context_id with values 0 or -1
> means.

You are right, thank you for pointing it.

> Also, if you have a singly-linked list, please always prepend items as
> the appending function has to always reach the end of the list before an
> item is added. Since the order makes no difference here, prepeding is a
> much more elegant (and faster) solution.

Indeed, I will use the prepending function, thank you for the tips.

> > Some modifications are necessary : some properties in the modem
> structure are moved
> > to the context structure (such as connman_network, valid_apn, etc) as
> they are properties
> > specifics to context.
> Ok.
> > Some functions are implemented to search for a specific context in the
> list by his path
> > or by his network. A function to remove all the context of one modem
> > is also implemented.
> Yes, those need to be implemented. The other two patches are really nice
> and small.
Cool !

I will send a second version (maybe, directly with PATCH flag and not RFC
?) with these corrections.

Best regards,

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