On Mon, 2015-10-19 at 13:16 +0300, Jaakko Hannikainen wrote:
> Some VPN parameters are mistyped in the source, fix them
> and update documentation. Add deprecated-label to
> OpenVPN.TLSRemote.
> ---
> I went through all of the VPN parameters, and I believe the parameters are
> correct now (I don't have means to properly test them). Turns out 
> xl2tpd.conf's
> man page is actually incorrect about itself; the client or whatever it is
> parses more options than mentioned in the man page and for example, the man
> page says the option is 'flow bits' but the program parses the option 'flow 
> bit'...
> Also worth of notice is that there is an option called 'PPPD.UseAccomp' which
> when set to true disables accomp.

Applied, thanks!


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