Dear colleagues,

I am Jazzy de Groot, a postgraduate student on the conservation of paintings at 
the University of Amsterdam. For my graduation, I am researching treatments 
executed on modern oil paintings that started weeping or had wept in the past. 
These drips can be transparent or pigmented and fluid. Therefore I am looking 
for conservators who treated, or decided not to treat, these kind of paintings. 
If you are one of these conservators, or know someone, thank you so much in 
advance for contacting me. I am aware of the discretion around this subject, 
your information will be used in a careful way. I am thinking of sending a 
questionnaire to ask you about the techniques and materials you used and which 
kind of considerations you made during this treatment. I think it is very 
useful to get an overview of treatments used and the consequences attached to 
them. Thank you!

All the best,

Jazzy de Groot

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