Journal of the Institute of Conservation Vol 41, no 1, February 2018: A 
Festschrift for Jonathan Ashley-Smith 

We are pleased to announce that a special Festschrift issue of the Journal of 
the Institute of Conservation celebrating the continuing work of Jonathan 
Ashley-Smith is now available online with the print issue due out very soon: 
The issue features contributions by invited authors who were asked to reflect 
on the impacts Jonathan has made on the profession, their specialism, or on 
their own development. While some responses are framed around Jonathan's 
seminal work on risk, others have been prompted by his recent concerns on the 
decline of practical skills and the need to reboot conservation ethics.

The issue is adorned by a magnificently vital image of Dr Ashley-Smith by the 
renowned artist Ralph Steadman, to whom Icon is extremely grateful.
Journal of the Institute of Conservation 
Volume 41 Number 01 2018
A Festschrift for Jonathan Ashley-Smith
Foreword by Alison Richmond
Jonathan Ashley-Smith
The ethics of doing nothing (free-to-view)
Joel Taylor
In the quest for certainty: Tensions from cause-and-effect deductions in 
preventive conservation 
Jane Henderson
Reflections on the psychological basis for suboptimal environmental practices 
in conservation  (Gold Access)
Vicki Humphrey
A progression through Risk Management for Collections – ground-up to 
Glenn Wharton
Bespoke Ethics and Moral Casuistry in the Conservation of Contemporary Art  

Stefan Michalski
Does Jonathan Ashley-Smith believe in a transparent method for risk assessment?

Frances Halahan
Changes in attitudes and training in conservation 

David Howell
Jonathan Ashley-Smith: mentor, role model, inspiration 

Christian Baars reviews Volatile Organic Compounds and the Conservation of 
Inorganic Materials 
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Jonathan Kemp
Editor, Journal of the Institute of Conservation

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