Call for Posters

2nd Icon Book & Paper Group Conference

Unexpected fame: Conservation approaches to the preparatory object

Oxford, 1–3 October 2018

Objects such as artists’ sketchbooks or authors’ manuscripts were not
necessarily created with posterity in mind. Their creators may not have
anticipated a lifespan encompassing display, digitisation or heavy
consultation. Indeed in some instances the producers of these objects may
not have expected this part of their oeuvre to survive beyond its first
use. Do we therefore treat them differently to ‘finished’ works, which were
always expected to have a wider audience and longer lifespan? How – and how
far - do we preserve the evidence of working techniques and practices left
by the author, artist, printer, publisher, or architect? Does their
original function affect how we conserve, display and interpret these
objects? If a maker has deliberately tried to obscure previous versions of
a work, where does the remit of the conservator or researcher end when it
comes to uncovering erasures or amendments? Do we alter the legacy of such
objects with our interventions?


Your topic should be presented on a printed poster that you attach to a
presentation panel. Posters must be in English and A0 size (841mm wide x
1189mm high)

Each presenter can only present one poster.

All Poster Proposals are subject to approval by members of the Book and
Paper Group Conference Committee. Please download and use the designated
template available on the conference website (,
or request a copy via email (

Participation from students, new Icon members and professionals in allied
fields is encouraged.

Special consideration will be given to ensure that a variety of topics and
geographical/cultural range will be represented.

The deadline for abstracts is 10 May 2018. Members of the Book and Paper
Group Conference Committee will review submissions and notify speakers no
later than 31 May 2018.
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