Thanks you your reply.

I have solved the problem. The actual problem I had was described very well 
and was directly related to Vagrant 1.8.5 which I was forced into using after 
the Windows 10 anniversary update killed VirtualBox 5.1.4.

I made the mistake of just fixing the authorized_keys file permissions and then 
just doing a Vagrant Up or Vagrant Reload assuming this would get everything 
working. The fact that this did not result in a registration request escaped me 
too so I now had other issues to deal with.

It wasn't until I actually modified the applicable installation script 
correctly that the problem was ultimately resolved.

I would like to suggest some kind of diagnostics tool/script that can detect 
broken installs and provide some kind of guidance to resolving them. You 
probably already have a lot of this somewhere.

Thanks much,

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Hi Frank,

> I seem to be having the same problem as here:
> But I don’t see a solution anywhere.
> Could someone point me to one?

We didn't see this issue during our testing cycle 
(windows/mac/RHEL/CentOS/Fedora). We expect that same behavior for Ubuntu (as 
host), also we did release CDK-2.2[0]  quite a while back which have quite of 
bug fixes and enhancement. Can you please try that and let us know if you still 
encounter with same issue.

On the side note if you are using libvirt provider than please make sure you do 
remove old vagrant box and snapshot[1].


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