> > We had a situation where a route was misbehaving. My investigation
> > strategy is to get inside the VM, oc get services and curl the IP address.

We are providing oc on the host, so you can skip the step of logging into
the VM. You can execute 'oc get service' on the host. Even better,
we have a Minishift specific command (there is a bug we are fixing atm),
so that you can do 'minishift openshift service list -n myproject' and you
get a list of all routes. 

> > And I transfer in files that I need via
> > vagrant rsync

The aim is to do as much as possible on the host. Also, as we are getting closer
to a consistent solution for host folders, there should be no need for rsyncing 

> > Do we have an Asher for that?

What's that?

> With Minishift we have not taken that route as we want to keep the ISO as
> much as light weighted. But I think we need to provide some sort of way for
> advance users who want to play with the VM more.

And what would you have in mind there?


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