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The binaries are available there:  ...
The data management tool looks like it needs some 'assembly' work ('java -jar data-management-cli-1.1-app.jar' doesn't work): 1) If you list the root of the jar you see a list of *.jar entries, not root package names
 2) It appears that the main class is missing (DataManagementCli)

- xmlrpc backup tool : http://people.apache.org/builds/maven/continuum/1.1/org/apache/maven/continuum/continuum-xmlrpc-backup/1.1/continuum-xmlrpc-backup-1.1-app.jar The file generated by the backup tool can be used with data management cli to re-import data.

How does the xml backup tool relate to the cli tool & the recommended backup/restore/upgrade strategy in general? Should the upgrade page make mention of this new tool (http://maven.apache.org/continuum/documentation/1_1/installation/upgrade.html)?

Everyone is encouraged to vote and give their feedback.

[ ]  +1  Release it!
[ ]   0
[ ]  -1  Don't release it, because...
-1 Don't release it, because the data management tool is broken and as a result it's not clear how to upgrade 1.1-betaX installs to 1.1 final.

Stu Penrose

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