On Nov 16, 2007 2:02 PM, Emmanuel Venisse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Continuum 1.1 Final is ready for release


I tried the plexus runtime on Linux.
 * We should not default to WEB-INF/lib for build output and working directories
 * If you click "Vew Output" after a successful 'release perform', it
says 'No Output'.  So you can't see what happened/where things were
 * SCM Tag field has no default value
 * I had trouble with Perform Release -. Provide Release Parameters.
Using the defaults I get  "svn:
'scm:svn:https:/example.net/svn/wsmoak/hello/tags/hello-1.0.10' does
not appear to be a URL"  The SCM Tag Base value isn't handled
properly.  When I removed the scm:svn: prefix and resubmitted, the
process finished (all green triangles) but I never got the "Done" and
"View Output" buttons.

Nothing to hold up the release for, though!


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