TopLink has a large community of users and active forums at both Oracle and
Glassfish.  If you are concerned about licensing, Oracle has donated the
full TopLink source to the Eclipse Foundation under the Eclipse Persistence
Services (EclipseLink) project.  If you have any questions the EclipseLink
dev mailing list is well monitored.
--Gordon Yorke

Rahul Thakur wrote:
> 2) Database
> I am not hard and fast on any particular JPA provider. If Toplink cuts 
> it, we should go with it. I have been toying around with OpenJPA, but I 
> haven't used Toplink to comment on how both compare. OpenJPA is 
> comprehensively documented and has a good support available on mailing 
> lists. Having said that, JPA providers would ultimately be swap'able 
> under the hood.
> Also, I think we should stick with JPA annotations on model entities 
> instead of using Modello. I hope writing the data access code from 
> scratch implies the current ContinuumStore will be refactored into 
> something which is less verbose than what we have currently, and so 
> would the Continuum interface.

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