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Just some thoughts,

I strongly agree to the proposed technology changes, particularly in the database, as it will definitely improve the storage performance. In line with the objectives to make Continuum a slick CI server, I think the design changes is a good move as well. In my opinion, having plugins will provide a platform for flexibility and a workflow-type of approach in managing the


My proposed features would be the following:
1. Aside from the improvement in the UI, I think a visual representation of statistics would be nice. Graphs of the success rates, charts of project
health, etc.  I think Bamboo has it as telemetry.

Yeah, though I think we can be creative here - both by allowing plugins and by looking into different ways to represent it. I really want my sparklines :)

2. Distributed builds, this has been started before but it was never used.
I think this would be a strong point in using Continuum if it were
available. Hudson has it, iirc. I think implementing it as a plugin would
provide more control to it.

I think that actually this needs to be a fundamental part of the design - by decentralising the data. The plugin side would be more how the resultant data is handled?

- Brett

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