Toplink is mentioned, but it's a commercial app, and I don't think they'll license it in a way that's compatible (unless they've radically changed policies recently). I'm not a huge hibernate fan, but at least its supported. At least with JPA and decent abstraction, you should be able to have more "swapability" though at the O/R-M level I find it's rare to get true swapability.

I've been using and supporting spring for a long time, but after doing some tapestry work, and re-thinking IoC approaches, I'm moving in favor of picocontainer. Tapestry doesn't use picocontainer but has an IoC framework that's got some similar design concepts. Actually, that gets to another point, which is that Tapestry is happy and easy and fun (well, T5), and since it comes with an IoC framework that can integrate cleanly with Spring if we want that benefit, you can get the whole kit together.

The other nice thing about Tapestry, is that several people have made "quickstart" projects which include everything Continuum would likely use including Spring, spring-acegi, hibernate/jpa, etc. One could use that as a structural basis, and T5 is (currently) built with maven, and will at least be deployed to maven repositories in perpetuity.


On 5-Feb-08, at 19:12 , Carlos Sanchez wrote:

Some comments

Database vs xml: definitely database. Throwing away the db access api
(JDO/JPA/...) now that it's already there doesnt make much sense.
Maybe there are implementations that use xml for storage and that's
where you'd need to look if you want file storage

Spring vs Guice vs Plexus: Spring for sure. Big community, lots of
users, documentation, support,... Specially if you want to add JMX
support (can be done really easily just with annotations using
reflection), and thinking in OSGi in the future I'm sure it will be
really easy to integrate Spring and OSGi if it is not already. I'd
start softly, just migrating thing that would require adding features
to plexus, and move from there.

I agree with Brett on having 1.2, 1.3,... it's good to have a list of
what you want to do for 2.0 but as it gets done it should be released
in minor versions.

On Jan 29, 2008 2:34 PM, Emmanuel Venisse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I started a document [1] with my ideas about Continuum 2.
As you can see in this doc, I want to add lot of things in the next version.

Feel free to comment on it.



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