LOL. I mixed my lists, as this happened over on Tapestry, but here's the thread. Looks like Cayenne might be an option depending on how far they're going, but it's not there yet, though I have done a bit of open-source work with Andrus (who heads that project) a long time ago, and he's good with quick support.

Anyway, I only mention it because it's an apache-based ORM which has been around for quite some time, and has a decent architecture, and a GUI mapping tool. It's conceptually based on Enterprise Object Framework from NeXT, which became the core of WebObjects etc. Good stuff, and the tool is convenient.


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This is starting to go OT, but figured I'd fill in.

Cayenne 3.0 (development version) is partially JPA-enabled. We had some problems with getting access to the TCK, and right now Andrus is the only one with access. Due to weird NDAs, he can't talk about any of it with anyone else that isn't under the same NDA. I'll probably be seeking TCK access shortly. But, the plan is for full JPA compliance and each release gets us much closer. We do have users that do make use of the JPA features
and Andrus is pretty quick to fill gaps as users trip over them.


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On that note, isn't Cayenne JPA enabled?  These guys are pretty sharp
and Cayenne has been around for quite some time, and it's been nicely


On 6-Feb-08, at 12:48 , Howard Lewis Ship wrote:

Another very active Tapestry community member is Kevin Menard, who's
been mentoring, filing bugs and providing a lot of patches. Kevin has
experience in open source, he's a PMC member on the Apache Cayenne
project, and has a lot of interesting plans for Tapestry.

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Howard M. Lewis Ship: +1 (binding)

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