The netconf topology is just a list of nodes.  The OpenFlow topology also has 

The topology is really the fundamental abstraction in ODL.   But some 
topologies (e.g. Netconf, PCE-P, IPv4/v6 unicast etc.) are just lists of nodes 
(often augmented with other information) whilst others (e.g. OpenFlow, 
Linkstate) also have links.

if you want to figure out the connectivity between a set of netconf nodes you 
can do that if the nodes support e.g. LLDP with a YANG model.   But then you’d 
be creating a new “topology” for LLDP.

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> I want to know, how topology is different for netconf and openflow ?
> How can I analyze the same in opendaylight?
> Suppose i have openflow and nonopenflow devices with netconf protocol for 
> configuration,
> how is that differed for openflow and netconf ?
> Please anyone provide information on this or  document to refer.
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