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> The next significant milestone is Nitrogen offset-2 M5, at which point
> we can expect branch cut to happen -- and we need something unusual to
> happen w.r.t. yangtools:
> - Nitrogen stability branch name should be v1.2.x
> - yangtoools versions on master need to be bumped in non-trivial way:
>     - all artifacts with 1.x.x-SNAPSHOT need to be bumped to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
>     - all artifacts wint 0.x.x-SNAPSHOT need to be bumped to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
> - all downstreams on their stable/nitrogen branch will be bumped as usual
> - all downstreams on their master branch will be bumped to
> Nitrogen-released versions of yangtools (i.e. yangtools-artifacts-1.2.0)
> Can the Release Engineering team explicitly ACK of being ready for
> Nitrogen stable branching as outlined above?

Ack, we'll look into taking care of the yangtools version modifications in
each project during branch cutting. These complex changes will make us take
longer to branch cut but we'll see about getting that done.

So if I understand correctly the release team will do the following to

1) downstreams master will be bumped to yangtools 1.2.0 released (or other
version numbers as needed depending on the artifact)
2) downstreams on stable/nitrogen will be bumped as usual

YangTools project will have the following changed:

1) no stable/nitrogen branch instead havea  v1.2.x stability branch
2) master branch will bump the artifacts to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT and
1.0.0-SNAPSHOT respectively

To be clear I guess this is because inside the yangtools project there are
artifacts that all have different version numbers that need to be bumped in
different ways?

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