On 10/08/17 19:24, Thanh Ha wrote:
> Ack, we'll look into taking care of the yangtools version modifications
> in each project during branch cutting. These complex changes will make
> us take longer to branch cut but we'll see about getting that done.
> So if I understand correctly the release team will do the following to
> downstreams:
> 1) downstreams master will be bumped to yangtools 1.2.0 released (or
> other version numbers as needed depending on the artifact)
> 2) downstreams on stable/nitrogen will be bumped as usual
> (x.y.(z+1)-SNAPSHOT)
> YangTools project will have the following changed:
> 1) no stable/nitrogen branch instead havea  v1.2.x stability branch
> 2) master branch will bump the artifacts to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT and
> 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT respectively
> To be clear I guess this is because inside the yangtools project there
> are artifacts that all have different version numbers that need to be
> bumped in different ways?

Correct (there is a single artifact, third-party/triemap, which needs to
go to 1.0.0) and thanks for confirming.


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