Hi OpenDaylight'ers,

We are from the NETVIRT project of OpenDaylight Controller and we are involved 
driving the "L3VPN-as-a-Service" subproject within the same.

This service is triggered/realized by using Neutron Routers and/or  Neutron 
BGPVPN feature orchestrations.

We had an opportunity to learn few failures on production deployments of ODL 
(3-node),  where we
figured out that such problems were due to improper serialization of workflows 
inside L3VPN-service
scaled across the 3-nodes of the ODL cluster.

In order to serialize such workflows (few eg):

VM Migration,
VM Evacuation,
VIP movement in the cloud between VM ports etc ),

we were  contemplating to generate and store  Event Objects into a Queue with 
the backend for
the queue being MD-SAL Datastore (Operational Shard).

While we understand that OP Datastores are used for only State-information 
management inside ODL,   we wanted an
Event-Serialization mechanism that will spawn across the ODL cluster and 
consumers servicing such events in that order
provides for consistent runtime-behaviour across the nodes of the ODL cluster.

Can you please let us know if this approach of wrapping the Op Datastores with 
a Queuing framework, and
using the same for Event-Serialization is wise to pursue?

Are there other implementations within ODL that use Event Queues (that are 
usable across a 3-node cluster) , and
if so can you please point us to them ?



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