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> Hi All,

Hello Ryan,

> During the Kernel call this past Tuesday, we talked about attempting an
> isolated transition of AAA restful web services from Jersey 1 to Jersey
> 2.  I attempted this change yesterday, and was able to partially convert
> (I just temporarily removed non-essential code that would've required
> overhaul).  However, when I compiled NETCONF next to test RESTCONF, I
> quickly realized that:
> 1) jersey-2.26 won't behave well, since it relies on javax.ws.rs-api 2.1
> and jersey 1.17 relies on javax.ws.rs-api 2.0.1.  This leads to a Uses
> constraint violation since the dependency is provided via two chains
> (and two different versions too!).

Well, that upgrade has to wait for Neon then -- we simply cannot take
much more churn this low in the project.

> 2) jersey-2.25 won't work for a similar reason.  Even though it relies
> on the older javax.ws.rs-api 2.0.1 which is currently in place, jersey
> 1.17 repackages javax.ws.rs-api.  This means that utilizing the off the
> shelf javax.ws.rs-api 2.0.1 causes another Uses constraint violation,
> since the dependency is provided via upstream properly and jersey 1.17
> in a repackaged form.
> I am starting to really agree with the sentiment that we should just
> stick to only one implementation across the board.  Additionally, I
> believe that isolating this in an API (utility or not) will help the
> transition since there will be a single point to toggle the
> implementations.  We may want to also discuss the drawbacks of jersey
> 2.  Namely, it appears to require a ton of overhead dependencies and
> starts a bit slower in newer versions.  Maybe that is fine, but we
> should fully understand the tradeoffs before investing more time.  We
> should also settle on what the intended version should be for jersey 2
> if we go that route, since jersey-2.26 is a lot different than even
> jersey-2.25.

Agreed, Tom's utility approach is probably the most sensible one. I took
a very simple stab at that with https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/70919.

I do belive using this you can eliminate any and all references to
jersey in shiro-impl.


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