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> 1.  They have documents clearly outlining their goals and standards.

You will also be interested in the Constitution, which discusses
Debian's internal structure:

Here's another important thing -- a legal entity to handle things like
servers, receiving donations, etc.  Debian developers created Software
in the Public Interest, Inc. ( to do this.

I would suspect that even if Mandrake developers are not interested in
any sort of integration with Debian, a SPI-Mandrake alliance could
still be helpful.  SPI has acted as an umbrella organization for
various other communities -- OFTC, Gnome, Berlin, etc.

> There is a cool website for new joiners:

Cool website, yes, but still one single human point of failure.
Something we are working to fix.

> And their developer's reference is a bit more complete than our
> RPM-how-to:

You should also check out the Debian Policy Manual:

This may be closer to what you're looking for, and describes "best
current practices" for all sorts of things, from package naming to
file locations.

> While debian still sucks in many ways (hehe), I think we could learn a

My position is that all operating systems suck.  (Hard to argue with
that.)  It's our job to make them suck a little less.

-- John

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