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> On Fri Feb 07 13:10 -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
>> My position is that all operating systems suck.  (Hard to argue with
>> that.)  It's our job to make them suck a little less.
> I presume you have heard of Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie?

Nope, care to explain?

The origin of that was when I was working at a local ISP.  Our
unofficial motto was "All ISPs suck.  We just suck less."  And I think
that's the way it is with a lot of things.  One of my pet peeves is
mail readers.  I want to be able to read my mail anywhere without
having to use a web reader, and see all my changes from any other
computer.  A few mail readers can do it, but they all have horrendous
bugs in other areas.  So I wrote OfflineIMAP
(www.quux.org/devel/offlineimap).  Now reading mail sucks a little
less in my corner of the universe.

And so it goes with operating systems.  They're all crap :-)  The only
real OS I've seen with a really compelling design is Plan 9, but it has no
applications and is non-free, so there you go.

The nice thing about Free Software is that what I do to make my little
corner of the world less crappy can help out over there, and
vice-versa.  That's why our corner smells a lot nicer than Microsoft's :-)

-- John

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