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OKay, got the ifup script from roger, but it didn't do much of anything.  Went
into the bios, and changed  from APIC to PIC (don't even know what this is), and
then rebooted.  After redetecting the network card, and ifconfig eth0 up, I got
an IP address.  I should also note that my sound began to work also (After I
changed from APIC to PIC.   My system is as follows... ASUS P4S8X 2.5ghz 533mhz
bus, 512mb PC 2700 memory, 80gb WD drive... ATI all in wonder 7500

I will put the old IFUP script back and see if it still works..

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I installed Manrake 9.1 beta 1 and during installation I selected to configure
network. It detected my card (3Com 3C905B) and I selected to use DHCP to
configure IP address. But after I restarted the computer I got an error that
eth0 was unable to start. It suggested to check cable. I have Windows XP pro on
the same machine and it is also set to use DHCP and to automatically negotitate
mode and speed. My network card is connected to LevelOne FBR-1403TX router and
in Windows XP Pro the NIC is correctly set to full duplex mode and 100 mbit
speed. All works fine in Windows. So I think there is nothing wrong with cabling
or something. It looks like Mandrake Connection wizzard doesn't set the network
card up correctly. I also tried to configure the network after the installation
from Mandrake Control Center and eth0 still can't start up. I searched all
around to find the place where I could manualy set duplex mode and line speed or
enable auto negotiation but I was unable to find this.

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