On Friday 07 February 2003 09:26 pm, Pascal wrote:
> Le Samedi 8 Février 2003 02:58, Gregory K. Meyer a écrit :
> > >I beg to differ with you. Have you rebooted yet? Do you have
> > >DISPLAYMANAGER=kde set in /etc/sysconfig/desktop? Investigate first
> > >
> > > >before you answer foolishly.
> >
> > No need to be rude BTW, I did try to help after all.  And it was you who
> > answered foolishly.
> >
> > Gregory K. Meyer
> Yep, and mister salane please, before complaining next, read the mailing
> list archive with your favorite find tool, the answers are all there for
> that recent problem...

to quote what i was disturbed at

>>this upgrade broke my login with kdm and startx as well on reboot
>>/var/log/messages that may be pertanant

>No it didn't, it just split kdm out as a seperate package.  

Too many times there have been many times that the answer for problems have 
been "oh it works here" or "No it is not broken" something to that order. 
This list needs less of this type of condensation. However my appolgies are 
in order. So to get that out of the way. We need to try to help the 
frustrated people with problems they need help with, realizing that at that 
point in time they have understandably short fuses. We should never 
trivialize peoples problems. That is why linux faces such an uphill battle 
with becoming a Desktop fact unstead of a want to be.

 I was aware of the mdkkdm problem however until 14mdk I had no problems. 
except for the past 3 or for upgrades nothing that i put in 
/etc/sysconfig/desktop had any effect and i had even forgot i had changed 
them. For they didn't have any effect! only after checking a few thing that I 
realized what happened. There have been many times that upgrades do break 
things and nothing helps except reinstalling the distro especially when I 
upgrade many  things. I appriciate the help by the way. I am glad that with 
both your help that didn't happen this time.

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