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I have managed to get it working:

1) Alter the xindetd.d/fam properties as mentioned above.
2) In first terminal window (as root) manually start 'fam -d -v'
3) In second terminal window (as user) start gnome-theme-manager
4) In first terminal window, after fam spews out lots of 'can't lstat/chdir'
messages, kill fam with a ctrl-C.
5) Remarkably, the theme manager starts (and works with whatever themes are

Subsequent starts of gnome-theme-manager work (after spewing out lots of
'FAMOpen failed, FAMErrno=0' messages).

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Even after confirming portmap/xinetd aren't blocked, it's still a
no-go for g-t-m.
I suspect this has something to do with fam, since if I stopped
xinetd (thus stopping fam), g-t-m starts perfectly (with tons of
FAMOpen error mesg).

strace log is attached. It just hangs there when doing the last
write(), until I interrupt it with Ctrl-C. Sounds like it was trying
to write to a non-operational socket. At this point, the connection
to fam/portmap was already terminated (according to the output of

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