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Am Dienstag, 11. Februar 2003 20:28 schrieb Brook Humphrey:
> On Tuesday 11 February 2003 08:43 am, Martin Fahrendorf wrote:
> > It has a pop(s) and imap(s) server buildin and it can do a sort of
> > virtual hosting, but that is the job of the mta. cyrus is not a mta, it
> > is a mail storage system. cyrus can authenticate against ldap, mysql and
> > other stuff via sasl (and pam if you like). the user cann generated
> > automatically (in newer versions only).
> Ok so that covers authentiacation form what I read in thier web page but
> still does not cover using an encrypted channel to send email (ssl
> tunneling).

cyrus does not send email (in the sence of sending via smtp). imap and pop is 
implemented via unencrypted (110 and 143), vie TLS (995 and 993) and afaik 
via starttls (via 110 and 143) connections. With a little patch (at least in 
the 2.0.16 version) you can enable the imap server to accept only valid and 
trusted certificates from the client via the ssl encrypted line.

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