On Wednesday 12 February 2003 02:58 am, Martin Fahrendorf wrote:
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> Am Dienstag, 11. Februar 2003 20:28 schrieb Brook Humphrey:
> > On Tuesday 11 February 2003 08:43 am, Martin Fahrendorf wrote:
> > > It has a pop(s) and imap(s) server buildin and it can do a sort of
> > > virtual hosting, but that is the job of the mta. cyrus is not a mta, it
> > > is a mail storage system. cyrus can authenticate against ldap, mysql
> > > and other stuff via sasl (and pam if you like). the user cann generated
> > > automatically (in newer versions only).
> >
> > Ok so that covers authentiacation form what I read in thier web page but
> > still does not cover using an encrypted channel to send email (ssl
> > tunneling).
> cyrus does not send email (in the sence of sending via smtp). imap and pop
> is implemented via unencrypted (110 and 143), vie TLS (995 and 993) and
> afaik via starttls (via 110 and 143) connections. With a little patch (at
> least in the 2.0.16 version) you can enable the imap server to accept only
> valid and trusted certificates from the client via the ssl encrypted line.
> Martin
Thanks their website is not exactly, well it reads more like a man page in 
Swahili, and I'm American and cant read Swahili.

On a more serious note. There site is not very informative really. Spouting 
off rfc and blah blah this and that. If it were not in mandrake already I 
would never have taken the time to work with it from the way their site is. 

Is there a cyrus how to or anything like the qmail.org or qmail hot to pages 
that make things extremely clear if I want to look for it.

To finish up thanks for the explanation. I understand completely that it will 
not send mail for that we still need postfix, qmail without pop, or shudder 
sendmail.  I was just not wording myself correctly. What do you use for smtp?
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