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Thank you Guillaume. 
Ben has a very nice argument here on my request. Generally people do not like that 
programs interfere on the setup of other ones especially WM settings. 
So we'd really prefer a LATER (if it is a big work) than a WONTFIX here. 
I can live without this fix of course, but it is really a usability annoyance that 
each time I 
resize these windows they are spread in the middle of the 2 screens. Of course it is 
a problem in XINERAMA mode since you have an option to force windows to stay on 
one screen, which is not the case for the matrox display driver. We have to choose 
between xinerama OR DRI. Guess what I choose... :) 

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This is particularly annoying when using a dualhead desktop in non xinerama mode 
(matrox g550 with driver from matrox for example) where the all desktop is the union 
the 2 screens. I rpmdrake is recentered it is in the middle of the 2 screens which is 
really annoying. 
automatic recenter occurs when you resize the rpmdrake window.

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