On Thursday 13 February 2003 12:18 am, scott chevalley wrote:
> I can't get my 14 year old daughter to touch a computer running Linux
> unless it has a punk-rock penguin logo somewhere visible.

My 12yog themes everything in eye-searing pinks and purples. (-:

> This all reminds me of the old apple II adventure game.  If you type
> "fuck you" when playing it would respond "your place or mine?"  And that
> was in the early '80s!

AMOS (Alpha Micro Operating System, ran on a PDP-11 clone):

    prompt> make love
    Not war?

It would create the file, too. We modified it for a few other names. For 
example, one of the club users was fond of typing `make it', `edit it', 
`compile it' etc, so one day `make it' started responding `OK, make it what?'

Cheers; Leon

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