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I find 'GNOME' to be offensive to short people, 'Evolution' goes against
some people's beliefs, I'm a bit of a pyromaniac and 'Arson' makes me
relapse, 'the Gimp' has homosexual connotations, so does 'suck', I had a
girlfriend named 'Gail' once and it hurts to remember her, same goes for
'Ruby', 'Amanda', and 'Perl' (I get around), 'oaf' is offensive to the
mentally challenged, I don't like 'soup', I don't wear 'sox', 'Slay'
promotes violence, 'cadaver' is morbid, so is 'deadftp', 'subversion'
promotes anarchy, and on and on.

Please remove all of them at once.
I am offended.

i don't know if it's offending but it's bloody funny :)

I've read this thread and my only thoughts are "I didn't know "man sex" existed until an hour ago and I think it's damn funny" and "What 9 year old is going to go to a shell prompt and type "man sex" for the hell of it?"
I can't get my 14 year old daughter to touch a computer running Linux unless it has a punk-rock penguin logo somewhere visible. She's not going to be terribly interested in textual man pages....

This all reminds me of the old apple II adventure game. If you type "fuck you" when playing it would respond "your place or mine?" And that was in the early '80s!
Just my 0.02 worth...


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