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> > I'll bet that until it was brought up NOBODY remembered that this was in
> > the man pages.  It's been there since 1987 - not exactly a recent
> > addition. I'll bet that if this really WAS an issue, that it would have
> > come up sometime in the last 14 years - and as far as I've been able to
> > find it hasn't.
> >
> > There are always going to be things in the world that SOMEONE finds
> > offensive.
> >
> > My vote - if this ever came to a vote - would be to leave the man page
> > package alone.
> >

You are probably correct (in respect to the vote), and if Unix/Linux had 
remained the sole province of Unix geeks (like us on this list) then it 
probably wouldn't matter very much; but I bet that Mandrake is hoping to sell 
to the general consumer, and corporations as well, after all they probably 
don't have a hope in hell of selling to most of us on *this* list.

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