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I downloaded Gentoo 1.4RC2 and 3 and they are failing in a suspiciously 
similiar way.  When mounting the CD after boot it fails.

As mentioned before, I can still install RH and Mdk 9.0 on this system.

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I can install Mdk9.0 fine from ISO image installs.

I've downloaded Mdk9.1beta 3 and if I create a CDR with the first ISO image I 
can boot with that CD but when the "Welcome to Mandrake Linux (cooker)" text 
mode screen it cannot mount, but identifies:  "Plextor CD-R PX-320A"  On the 
logging screen it says "Mount Failed: Invalid Argument"

I've been able to install and use beta 2 and release 9.0 fine.

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