On 11/01/2017 10:10, Luca Pellegrini wrote:
The ‘Edit Chi Angle’ command makes Coot crash (the Coot window implodes), the 
instant I
start adjusting manually the side chain. This only happens when I launch Coot by
double-clicking its icon; when I run it from a terminal window, with
'/Applications/ccp4-7.0/coot.app/Contents/MacOS/coot’, the command works fine. 
Not sure
if it’s a bug in Coot, X11 or my installation. I am using Coot 0.8.7, Quartz 
2.7.11 and
MacOSX 10.11.5.

This is probably a yet another bad outcome of the multiple-ligand-dictionary update. I'll try to track it down.



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