This is not really bug. So I will close it in BZ. But I'm happy to discuss it 

I disagree that we need code review before push. This is quite small project, 
with only few active developers.
Although you can find some commits which can be discussed, most of them are 

If you want to do review, then you can subscribe to:
And comment the commit here on this mailing list. If needed, it can be rejected.


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Předmět: [Bug 1376844] New: Please start using processes like code-review, etc.
Datum: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 14:53:30 +0000

            Bug ID: 1376844
           Summary: Please start using processes like code-review, etc.
           Product: Copr
         Component: backend

Copr is starting to be very popular and key part of Fedora's and Red Hat's
infrastructure, and it deserves proper processes.  I'm not talking about hard
bureaucracy, but some clear 'Pull-request -> code-review -> push' is enough.
If there is done something like that in background (I strongly believe there
is) please open that process.

I'd be glad to be part of the review process if there is something really
design breaking.

Copr really needs new consumer, that is important point, so please:

- let's not hard-wire anything specific to Fedora instance copr
- if there is something Fedora-instance specific, make it optional, pluggable

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