On 10/01/2014 16:28, Iaroslav Savytskyi wrote:
There are 3 possibilities:
1) Because it was my own initiative to fix this potential synchronization bug 
and nobody didn’t report it, we can approve my fix and leave this 2 classes 
without synchronized getters. And fix it in MR.
2) Fix it as you propose. But later we will definitely need to change it again 
to volatile for performance reasons.
3) Leave classes with volatile as they are now. And only add SUID to 
TypeConstraintException class.

I know this is a blocker for JDK 8 and I don't want to waste time debating the options. So I think #1 or #2 are okay (with a slight prefer for #2 because it doesn't require bring back the original bug in JAXBException).

#3 is of course the best but from the previous mails then I thought this wasn't an option.

So you choose and one of us will help you get this in.


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