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Console is supposed to be a "char/String" based class, "encoding" really should
have no business here in its api. Simply for some implementation convenience
is really not a good reason to add such a public method.

That said, I would be fine to have such informative info in the system properties, together with its siblings, file,encoding and another "supposed to be private"
property sun.jnu.encoding.


On 9/14/16, 11:42 PM, Aleksey Shipilev wrote:

Claes pointed out that our own reflective hacks to figure out console
encoding do not work anymore [1]. But, we need the console encoding for
reliably printing on the console from within different sources. Note
that you would normally just use System.console() and its PrintWriter,
but reality is a bit more complicated, and sometimes you need to write
the plain char stream directly into the byte[]-accepting methods,
encoding on your own.

So, my question: should we, in the light of extended Jigsaw-solving
crunch, provide the public Console.encoding() method that would return
the console charset?



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