On 15.09.2016 09:21, Dawid Weiss wrote:
Console is supposed to be a "char/String" based class, "encoding" really
should have no business here in its api.

While I agree with your concerns about the functional side of the API,
I disagree about this method having no practical use. I can give you a
concrete example. The use case that we had was to check whether the
"terminal" (console) would be able to handle non-ASCII characters. A
Writer doesn't tell you anything. An encoding does provide at least
some confidence that certain characters will be translated properly --
if your encoding is US-ASCII or ISO8859-1 then Polish diacritics won't
get displayed for sure. This doesn't mean 100% confidence in actual
glyph rendering of course, but it's a cheap and safe sanity check of
the terminal's capabilities.

out of curiosity... what will you do if you find the encoding lacking what you need?

bye Jochen

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