Thanks Mandy. I pushed this change earlier today. If is being edited again in the near future, we might be able to make your suggested edits then.


On 22/09/2016 19:23, Mandy Chung wrote:
On Sep 21, 2016, at 8:56 AM, Seán Coffey <> wrote:

Resurrecting this old review thread. After some internal discussion, I've 
dropped the minor edit that was made in StackTraceElementCompositeData. It 
could be noisy data for exception purposes. I've corrected the other issues 
raised by Alan and Jim has long pushed the changes mentioned below.

webrev :
The change looks okay.

  189             throw new IOException("The image file \"" + name + "\" is not 
" +
  190                 "the correct version. Major: " + result.getMajorVersion() 
  191                 ". Minor: " + result.getMinorVersion());

One suggestion for this exception message to:

   throw new IOException("The image file \"" + name + "\” version “ +
      result.getMajorVersion() + "." + result.getMinorVersion() +
      “ not supported”);

No need for a new webrev and you can update this before you push.


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