Thank you, Goetz

I submitted testing.


On 10/13/16 9:22 AM, Lindenmaier, Goetz wrote:
Hi Vladimir,

I made a new webrev containing all outstanding changes merged into one patch

You probably saw my RFR with the s390 files.

Best regards,

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Subject: Re: RFR: JEP draft for Linux/s3990x port

Hi Goetz and Volker,

Positive news is that JEP status is moving, changes are reviewed and some
changes were already pushed.

But because of our testing issues during past week I was not able to execute
the testing.

We hope jdk9/hs will be open soon but we want to sync jdk9/dev and merge
hs-comp repository first. hs/ repo will be
opened for other pushes soon after that.

I added estimated integration date to the JEP (Oct 28). We would like to test
and integrate this port before JDK 10
forest is forked. Do you think all s390 changes and new code will be ready by
that date?

Do you have all shared changes reviewed and approved for push?

Goetz, I saw you updated RFEs with latest webrevs. Can you again prepare
changeset based on hs/ repo for changes which
are not pushed yet? I will try to submit testing over weekend.


On 10/4/16 9:48 AM, Lindenmaier, Goetz wrote:
Hi Vladimir,

This webrev contains all the changes to hotspot needed for the port:

It includes
which are out for review. Further it includes
the one change to relocate the pc-relative instructions where we didn't
a bug for yet, and the new s390-files.

Altogether this passed all our tests that were running on the weekend
on linuxs390.

The s390-files though are not yet fully in shape, I'm still editing them to get
rid of legacy stuff and SAP JVM specific code.  E.g. all the code guarded by
#ifdef SAPJVM  will go away in the end.

I hope to have the final versions by end of this week.

Best regards,

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Subject: Re: RFR: JEP draft for Linux/s3990x port

Hi Volker,

Can you prepare combined patch (or set of patches) based on latest
reviews together with s390 code as it will be in final push?

We want to run it through our pre-integration testing to verify that it
does not have problems.


On 9/29/16 11:25 AM, Vladimir Kozlov wrote:
You need to wait when Mark (OpenJDK Lead) move it to Candidate (or
other) state:


On 9/29/16 9:55 AM, Volker Simonis wrote:
Hi Vladimir,

thanks a lot for reviewing and endorsing the JEP.

I've linked all the relevant issues to the JEP  (they all have a link
to a webrev) and change the state to "Submitted".

There's just one more small shared change we need for the port for
which we haven't opened a bug now because we are still working on
simplifying it. The current version looks as follows:

What are the next steps? Should I add a "jdk9-fc-request" label to t
he JEP and add a corresponding "FC Extension Request" comment to it?
Or will this be done automatically once I move it to "Candidate"?

Is there anything left to do before I can move it to "Candidate" state?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 8:15 PM, Vladimir Kozlov
<> wrote:
On 9/27/16 10:49 AM, Volker Simonis wrote:


can you please review and endorse the following draft JEP for the
integration of the Linux/s390x port into the jkd9 master repository:

Add links to webrevs in a comment. It will help to get umbrella FC

As detailed in the JEP, the Linux/s390x requires very few shared
changes and we therefore don't foresee any impact on the existing
platforms at all. Following you can find a short description of the
planned changes:


Out for review:
8166560: [s390] Basic enablement of s390 port.

8166562: C2: Suppress relocations in scratch emit.

Will send RFR soon (depends on 8166560):
8166561: [s390] Adaptions needed for s390 port in C1 and C2.

Wrong link.


We are still investigating the need of these shared changes:

And finally the patch with the s390x-only platform files. We are still
editing these to get them into OpenJdk style and shape.
Hotspot passes most jck, jtreg and spec tests with these.

top-level repository:

The following is just adding some s390x specific compiler flags to
8166800: [s390] Top-level build changes required for Linux/s390x

jdk repository:

This one just adds a new jvm.cfg file for s390x
8166801: [s390] Add jvm.cfg file for Linux/s390x

And finally we plan to do one more change which fixes the jtreg test
on Linux/s390x. But this is mainly for the correct detection of the
platform and for excluding the tests which are not appropriate for

Thank you and best regards,

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