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This is the issue that motivated a change in the behaviour of indy wrapping 
Errors in BootstrapMethodError, JDK-8166974. I plan to push this issue with 
JDK-8166974 to hs, since they are related in behaviour even though there is no 
direct dependency between the patches.

When invoking signature-polymorphic methods a similar but hardcoded dance 
occurs, with an appeal to Java code, to link the call site.

- MethodHandle.invoke/invokeExact (and the VH methods) would wrap all Errors in 
LinkageError. Now they are passed through, thus an Error like ThreadDeath is 
not wrapped.

- MethodHandle.invoke/invokeExact/invokeBasic throw Throwable, and in certain 
cases the Throwable is wrapped in an InternalError. In many other cases Error 
and RuntimeException are propagated, which i think in general is the right 
pattern, so i consistently applied that.

- I updated StringConcatFactory to also pass through Errors and avoid unduly 
wrapping StringConcatException in another instance of StringConcatException. 
(LambdaMetafactory and associated classes required no changes.)


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