Sorry for my ignotance, but I need some advice on how to properly write
a desktop app that uses JAX-WS to pull some data from a WS-I Service. 

I can understand why JAX-WS is deprecated and marked for removel to help
out the Java EE crwod to migrate their application servers to JDK9, but
I don't fully understand what the right thing would be to do in my
situation. Is the module just "moved" to Java EE or is it
completely removed and replaced with a module that has a new name? 

In the first case I ussume it would be the right thing to decare a
dependency on and rely on the presence of the module in Java
SE 9 and ship a module implementing JAX-WS in Java SE 10 along my
application. I assume jlink would help me out to get a appropriate
runtime image in both cases. This would be just like the Java Mail API
case, where there is nothing wrong with using it in th Java SE context,
when you make sure you supply a implementation with your app and rely on
the platform to provide a implementation in the Java EE context. 

In the latter case, is there already a proper new module name or module
alias I can depend on in my application? 

Thanks for the help, 


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