can I please get a review for the following tiny fix:


The new Java 10 specification makes the 'java.vendor.version' property
mandatory [1] but the current implementations doesn't allow to set it
to an empty string.

Currently, if we don't configure the build with
--with-vendor-version=XXX the 'java.vendor.version' property won't be
set at all, which violates the spec. Setting it to an empty string
will be ignored and has the same behavior like not setting it at all.
This also makes default OpenJDK builds (which haven't been configured
with --with-vendor-version non-compliant).

The fix is trivial: unconditionally set the 'java.vendor.version'
property to the value of VENDOR_VERSION_STRING in
VersionProps.java.template, even if VENDOR_VERSION_STRING is the empty
string (which is the default if --with-vendor-version wasn't given at
config time).

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