On 02/04/2018 22:50, Alexander Miloslavskiy wrote:
The problem in this bug is that jimage file is mistakenly opened with "inherit by child processes" flag. In our case, the child process is started with Runtime.exec() and serves as updater that can also replace embedded JRE. However, due to jimage ("lib/modules") file handle being inherited, embedded JRE can not be replaced.

The bug was introduced in commits "8087181: Move native jimage code to its own library (maybe libjimage)"
cc'ing Jim Laskey as he recently picked up JDK-8194734.

The update to osSupport_Windows.cpp looks okay.  I think it would be useful to discuss the osSupport_unix.cpp change further as the childproc code is supported to close the file descriptors. Martin might know about this.


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