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>> test/jdk/java/util/TimeZone/ZoneOffsetRoundTripTest.java line 43:
>>> 41:     private Object[][] testZoneOffsets() {
>>> 42:         return new Object[][] {
>>> 43:                 {ZoneId.of("Z"), 0},
>> I know, `ZoneId.of()` should parse this as a `ZoneOffset` and return a 
>> `ZoneOffset` instance, but maybe add also the other string variants with 
>> prefix (`ZoneId.of("UTC+00:00:01")` or `ZoneId.of("GMT+00:00:01")` as data 
>> items. Maybe also use `ZoneOffset.of()` for the plain zones to be explicit.
> Added them except "UTC+...", as it is not recognizable as a Custom ID.

Can the test cover `UT` prefix as well? (This is another valid prefix in 

If this PR isn't meant to work with UTC prefix, can a test be added that proves 
it does *not* work.

ie. all these are valid in `ZoneId` - "Z", "UTC", "GMT", "UT", "UTC+01:00", 
"GMT+01:00", "UT+01:00" - and all should have some form of associated test.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8606

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