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>> Sorting:
>> - adopt radix sort for sequential and parallel sorts on 
>> int/long/float/double arrays (almost random and length > 6K)
>> - fix tryMergeRuns() to better handle case when the last run is a single 
>> element
>> - minor javadoc and comment changes
>> Testing:
>> - add new data inputs in tests for sorting
>> - add min/max/infinity values to float/double testing
>> - add tests for radix sort
> iaroslavski has updated the pull request incrementally with one additional 
> commit since the last revision:
>   JDK-8266431: Dual-Pivot Quicksort improvements (Radix sort)
>   * Improved mixed insertion sort
>   * Optimized insertion sort
>   * Improved merging sort
>   * Optimized soring tests

i think it would make much more sense to have the extra buffer size limit in 
bytes, not in elements. for single-threaded sorting the limit should be low, 
e.g. 1/64 of the heap, not 1/8 (in case of sorting e.g. longs as each long is 8 
byte long). multi-threaded sorting could be more aggressive when it comes to 
resource usage as it's less likely to be used in resource constrained 


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/3938

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